By General Standards Corporation


  • Two-channel 16-bit high-speed analog output PMC board
  • Two precision 3-wire balanced differential high-speed analog output channels
  • 16-bit resolution, D/A converter per channel
  • Data rates to 400 Ksps per channel, 800 Ksps aggregate rate
  • Output ranges of ±10V or ±5V
  • Two independent 32 Ks analog output FIFO buffers
  • Output data buffer sizes adjustable from 4 samples to up to 32 Ks
  • High stability timebase, 20 PPM
  • Continuous and burst clocking modes
  • Seamless waveform sequencing
  • Data rates controlled by independent internal clocks or by an external clock
  • Supports multiboard synchronization
  • Software-selectable TTL or differential external clock I/O
  • Internal autocalibration of both channels
  • High accuracy, 0.023% FSR maximum error on ±10V Range, INL = 0.007%
  • Fast Settling 5 microseconds to 0.1%, 8 microseconds to 0.01% with no-filter option
  • Bidirectional byte-wide digital port
  • Integral shield assures minimum susceptibility to radiated noise in PMC environment
  • Supports VxWorks and NT drivers

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