By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

Sixteen 10V analog output channels with a 14-bit linear D/A converter per channel


  • Output current of ±5 mA
  • Output impedance 0.1 ?
  • Output short circuit proof to analog ground
  • Output Slew Rate of 10 V/µse
  • Settling time is 6 µsec to 0.0003% FSR (5K parallel with 500 pF load)
  • 2 digital output channels
  • Output signals on DB37 connector at the front panel
  • Screw termination panel is available
  • 32-bit-wide VMEbus interface allows two 16-bit channels to be written with a single transfer
  • 16-bit VMEbus transfers are also supported
  • No interrupts
  • Optional jumper-selectable VMEbus SYSFAIL assertion on power up
  • SYSFAIL LED and board access LED on front panel
  • Board identifier PROM

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