PAS 9797/DIO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)


  • 160 TTL level I/O signals arranged as, 128 primary general purpose I/O,
  • 32 strobe or general purpose I/O
  • General purpose I/O arranged as16 byte wide bi-directional data ports
  • Additional I/O arranged as 4 byte wide bi-directional data ports
  • Input / Output lines are terminated on 2, dual 50 position shrouded headers at the front panel
  • All output signal lines have high current, 64 mA, sink current capability
  • SYSFAIL LED and Pass LED at the front panel
  • VME SYSFAIL assert on power up, jumper selectable
  • VME access : D32, D16, D8; A32, A24, A16 Slave
  • VME interrupts; none
  • VME 6U form factor; 233 mm x 160 mm card size

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