PAS 9764/DIO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)


  • 32 differential input bits with characteristics specified by EIA-422B
  • Input signals on two 50 position shrouded headers at the front panel
  • Detects change of state on low to high transition or high to low transition
  • Time stamps every transition and stores data and time stamp in a FIFO memory
  • The FIFO is 32 bits wide by 64K words deep
  • VME interrupts are generated if the line that changed was enabled to generate interrupts
  • VME bus reads 32 bits of data followed by 32 bits of time from the FIFO
  • Counters are enabled with a control word write
  • Status register contains the following bits; Pass, Fail, Monitor Enable
  • Interrupt Enable, Interrupt Level, Counter Rate, FIFO Empty, FIFO Half Full, FIFO Full

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