By Ardence, Inc.

The enhanced end-user experience of instant-on/off functionality and secure, corruption-proof reliability in devices using Windows operating systems provides OEMs with clear competitive advantages



  • ReadyOn-enabled devices bypass the driver loads, OS boot, network configuration, and application loading time, by accessing a pre-configured “environment" – bringing the device to full operability in seconds
  • ReadyOn enables instant power off as well
  • Because the pre-configured environment is hardened, viruses cannot permanently install into a ReadyOn-enabled system
  • Any problem the device encounters is fixed by simply powering off the device and turning it back on
  • ReadyOn has been deployed in over two million systems, with manufacturers such as NEC and Fujitsu, and is ideally suited for consumer electronics, medical devices, automation, portable systems, and test and measurementProtects key partitions while leaving writeable partitions for saving data, including use with removable storage
  • Robust, high-performance Windows instant-on and off: boot time is virtually eliminated
  • Comprehensive Microsoft Windows Support: Windows XP Pro, XP Embedded, Server 2003, including all current service packs
  • Integrated appliance environment: OEM can implement multipurpose functionality on a single system
  • Support for “Ghosting": Simplifies manufacturing and speeds time to market
  • Comprehensive GUI-based configuration and management: Intuitive interface results in reduced time to configure and manage

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