Stratix EP1S80

By Altera Corporation

Stratix EP1S80


  • A DSP development board
  • Included with the Stratix Professional Edition DSP development kit
  • Two 12-bit, 125-MHz A/D converters
  • Two 14-bit, 165-MHz D/A converters
  • Single-ended or differential inputs; single-ended outputs
  • 2 Mbytes of synchronous SRAM, configured as two independent 36-bit buses
  • 64 Mbits of Flash memory
  • Onboard configuration via the 64 Mbits of Flash, and the Altera EPM7064 device
  • Download configuration data using the ByteBlaster II download cables
  • Dual seven-segment display
  • One eight-pin dipswitch
  • Three user-definable pushbutton switches
  • One nine-pin RS-232 connector
  • Two user-definable LEDs
  • Onboard 80-MHz oscillator
  • Single 5VDC power supply (adapter included)
  • Two Mictor-type connectors for Hewlett Packard logic analyzers
  • Several 0.1" headers
  • Two connectors for Analog Devices A/D converter daughtercards
  • Connector for Texas Instruments Evaluation Module (TI-EVM) daughtercards

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