Stratix DSP Development Kit

By Altera Corporation

A development kit for Texas Instruments DSP development platforms to enable development of FPGA coprocessors

Stratix DSP Development Kit


  • Features a development board with the Stratix EP1S80 device, two 12-bit, 125-MHz A/D converters, two 14-bit, 165-MHz D/A converters, 64 Mbits of Flash memory, 2 Mbytes of synchronous SRAM, and a connector to Analog Device's A/D evaluation boards
  • Includes a cross-platform daughtercard that plugs directly into Texas Instruments' high-performance TMS320C6000 and cost-efficient TMS320C5000 DSP development platforms
  • Provides hardware evaluation versions of key DSP intellectual property, including a FIR compiler, infinite impulse response (IIR) filter compiler, as well as Correlator, FFT, Viterbi, and Reed Solomon cores
  • Includes Altera's DSP builder interface with the MathWorks' MATLAB/Simulink DSP development software, Quartus II design software, and reference designs

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